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The Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking Challenge

Examples of past innovative products: the wheel; the printing press; the zip; the biro; cat’s eyes; the internet; Facebook; photovoltaic cells. Do you have a great idea for a product, service or campaign that would benefit our world? Are you a future inventor like James Dyson or an entrepreneurial thinker like Steve Jobs or an activist like Greta Thunberg or a scientist in the making like Einstein? Do you have views on how we can better the planet or our environment or our way of life?

Whether you have an innovative idea, an entrepreneurial service, a new invention or initiative, we would like you to put your thoughts on paper. Who knows? The next great big idea in the world could have your name on it.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged by the following:

  • How different is the innovation/idea/campaign from what’s out there already?
  • How can your innovation be used in life generally and how big an impact could it make?
  • Who would benefit if the innovation/idea/campaign became a reality?

Entry Requirements

Written ideas need to be limited to no more than 700 word count. Any entries over this will not be judged.

Ideas should be broken down into:

  • Reason/Background/Objective
  • Solution/Idea/Campaign

If you have sketches to go along with your written entry, then please attach them together as one entry in the same format. Please upload your entry typed if possible as a PDF or JPEG file size no more than 5Mb.

You can also enter this category via email to if preferred.

If you are under 18, we require your name, DOB and your parent’s name and contact email address with your entry. Over 18, we require your name, DOB and email address.

The Prizes

1st £500, 2nd £300, 3rd £150, 4th £50

Four Highly Commended places will receive a £25 book token.
There will also be the Special Recognition Award winning £250.
All Winners and Commended pieces will be shown in the Cotswold Challenge 2021 Showcase.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

And a special thank you to all our Judges and Sponsors

Behind the Scenes

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