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The Cotswold Collective

The Cotswold Collective, who launched The Cotswold Challenge, are a small team of five self-employed business professionals who passionately believed that we should encourage our young people to express their creativity and pursue their innovative ideas rather than let them go “brain dead” for six months. This was a philanthropic venture and we are taking no financial payment for it.

Nigel Chute – Chute Design

Nigel has been in the business of developing, protecting and exploiting new product opportunities for more than 30 years. Besides his consultancy he has also successfully marketed his own designs and taken equity in start-ups. Experienced mentor for enterprise in youngsters.

Barry Jackson – Aspire Academy

My mission, collaborating with business leaders, is to develop programs that address the skills they have identified as missing in school/college/university leavers and offering life changing options to young people whose aspirations are to thrive in an increasingly challenging job market.

Author of “Your First Job: How to Sabotage Your Career in 8 Easy Steps.”

Allison Murray – Allison Murray Design

Allison Murray Design is an award-winning design agency based in the Cotswolds working with entrepreneurs and brand owners to create unique confident and creative branding that can launch a business or revolutionize an existing one. Clients include Lynwood & Co, Thyme at Southrop and Made by Bob.

Chris Roberts MBE

Founder of the Fairford & Lechlade Business Club and administrator for nearly 15 years, freelance journalist and facilitator, whose strap line is “I can make things happen!”

Fiona Scott - Fiona Scott Media

Fiona is a journalist who has been in the media for over 30 years working in print and then in television with ITV. When she was made redundant, she went freelance and since then has worked on The One Show, Comic Relief and Flog It! She’s also made many regional documentaries.

Today she’s a freelance journalist and tv producer/director. She also runs her own agency helping businesses raise their profile through the media, videography, animation and social media. Fiona has one top tip for young people - there is no magic sauce. Success involves hard work, being proactive and showing up. Fiona lives in Swindon with her husband Steve and their four children, one of whom has also missed out in her A levels due to Covid19.

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